Real Estate Investment & DCF Analysis Software

Create and Share Investment Proformas Online

  • Property Types: Office, Retail, Hotel, Multifamily, Unit Sales ...
  • Create a mixed use project with up to 10 different property types
  • Timing of Cash flows, IRR, PV, and NPV Analysis
  • Seamless PDF and Excel Report Creation
  • Developer and Acquisition Models

Easy To Use

Easily master the ability to control your proformas.

With popup tutorials and free on-boarding support, save time and money with the easy to use system interface. Rockval performs on the fly calculations quickly for instant results and consistent investment reporting.

Limitless Features

Partnership Waterfalls

Set Preference Levels, Equity Distribution Types, and IRR Satisfaction Rates.

Multiple Financing Structures

Stagger Financing for Carry, Construction, or Permanent Periods for Development Models.

Cap Rate and NPV Matrices

View the Impact on your Internal Return on Investment with the Cap Rate and NPV Matrices

Aggregated and Individual Use Reporting

View the Performance details for each property type separately or as a whole to gather key performance drivers.

Development and Acquisition Models

Utilize Rockval to Analyze projects from the ground up or existing in need of our renovation schedule.

Easy to Use, Tutorials Included

The project was built with the end user in mind and we provide on screen tutorials and explanation to help you along.

Proforma Forecasting

Gain insights over future investment gains.

Forecast all equity contributions and distributions for your projects. Know what to expect for years to come through Rockval's cost, financing, and cash flow analysis.